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Needle Precision Coffee Powder Distributor (Black)

Needle Precision Coffee Powder Distributor (Black)

Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore

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Master the control of even tamping and you'll be brewing consistent cups of delicious coffee everyday!

By removing clumps in your coffee powder, extraction will be consistent and this will affect quality and balance of sweetness, acidic and bitter nuances. With the Needle Precision Black Coffee Distributor, you'll be brewing evenly extracted espresso every pull! Say goodbye to inconsistent barista's distribution skills!

The Black Needle Precision Coffee Distributor is fit for any 58mm portafilters and baskets. It is made of 100% Stainless Steel. Ergonomic and Heavyweight.

How does it work?

1) Reduces channeling of your coffee which is caused by clumping of coffee powder. 

Why should I get it?

1) Prevent channeling of your coffee (essentially uneven flow of water in your tamped coffee bed which leads to uneven extraction of flavours). The Needle Distributor will remove any inconsistencies of coffee distribution in your portafilter, leading to consistent extracted espresso every time.

2) Say goodbye to touching espresso grounds again, this is a more hygienic approach in your operations and more clean. No messy espresso grounds sticking to your hands, fingernails and countertop. 

3) Professional and Efficient. This gives a more aesthetic and professional image to your coffee quality, barista and your lovely customers. Speeds up operations by cutting down time of preparing each shot consistently.

- Diameter: 58.35mm diameter.
- Weight: 350g